Barling pipes dating

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Barling pipes dating

From this date the Barling pipes quality was as changing as the countries in which they were manufactured.

I came across this brief article by Les online a few years ago and have found it very helpful in narrowing down the dates for the Barling pipes that come across in my ongoing hunt for estate pipes. Most of this info I deduced over time by close observation of the nomenclature I found on my own pipes but also from pics I saw on ebay pieces that were listed for sale…

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Over time these pipes began to garner much recognition, as it did in 1851, when the Barling African Meerschaums received several awards at the London Great Exhibition.

Using Algerian briar and air-curing the pipes for years, Barling was able to create exceptional pipes on par with the Dunhills of the day.

Commencing business in 1893 as an auto supply house, Dunhill began producing its own oil cured briar smoking pipes in 1910.

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The world of antique pipes is a fascinating place full of surprising materials, shapes, styles, sizes and configurations and, depending on where the pipes were produced, can be encountered in a broad range of embellishments and accents in precious and semi-precious stones, silver and gold filigree, amber, ivory, horn, bone, and tortoiseshell.

Even the book done by the late John Loring about Dunhill nomenclature is not perfect since exceptions have been found in those pipes as well. I have it in mind to print a small paper on the subject at some point in the future and give it away at shows.

– Les Sechler The following is a visual reference guide that allows the reader to identify the various eras of Barling nomenclature.

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