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Dating fiennes ralph

'My sisters and I encouraged her to look into an alternative cure after she showed us the doctor's X-ray, which highlighted the arthritic band in her back,' says Fiennes.

Her miraculous remedy was found in a library book that extolled the virtues of a natural cure for arthritis that included daily doses of cider vinegar, honey and black molasses, and regular Epsom salt baths.

It's a seven week trip - last time I had a heart attack, this time bad timing and weather scuppered my chances.

I think any third attempt would be bad luck." However, his change of mind meant he finally conquered the 8,850 metre peak.

After his second attempt he said: "I won't be returning to Everest.

Intrepid explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes is no stranger to pain.

Since the Sixties he has undertaken gruelling physical expeditions worldwide.

At 65, he also becomes the oldest Briton and the first British pensioner to climb Everest.

During his acclimatisation, he said: "Forget about thinking you are going to succeed. Imagine it's a mountain with no top." The record-breaking adventurer, who hopes to raise £3 million for cancer charity Marie Curie , had a triple heart bypass in 2003 following a heart attack.

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There are three prologues, each nested within the last as storytelling conceits to bring us back, in stages, to 1932, and Chapter 1.