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He preferred a courtly setting and noble society, whereas his several versions of the Merry Company follows in the tradition of the brothel painting and the tale of the prodigal son.

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Yet while Frans Hals specialized in portraiture, Dirk Hals concentrated primarily on genre paintings and conversation pieces in the manner of Esasias van de Velde and Willem Pieterszoon Buytewech.

From the 1620s onwards, he frequently had the figures in his paintings added by his own specialist, Dirck van Deelen.

Or that she always regretted that my parents didn’t force me to practice more, because there is a real chance I inherited my grandparents’ musical talent but now we will never know. This is the first narrator the reader meets in Dennis Must’s 2016 collection of seventeen short stories, Going Dark. Read More In Nico Amador’s Flower Wars, the lines of poetry are full of flesh and voice, both of which are sure of their uncertainty and masterfully show the reader that, if we would trust an author ...

Read More Herr Eduard Saxberger lives in a pleasant apartment overlooking the Vienna Woods.

She is never openly mean, but always “helpful,” and in fact many of her worst zingers take the form of backhanded compliments.

The first contractor I hired was from the Philippines, but it didn’t work out with them, since English wasn’t their native tongue.His rate was /hour plus a bonus for every date he set up — well within my budget.Upon contracting John, I informed him of three potential coffee shops where I could meet for the dates.He succeeded in rendering peoples high spirits through facial expression, costly dress, posture and loose grouping.— LINKS - The Merry Company (42x77cm) - another Merry Company (45x67cm) _ Dirk Hals was apprenticed to his older brother Frans.

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