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Updating thinkpad bios

However, not having Windows installed on another partition and not owning an external CD-ROM/DVD-drive, I now faced one problem: how to update the BIOS?Lenovo only provides a Windows-based tool and an ISO image that contains the BIOS update utility and the new firmware. ost7558752 Note that you do undertake some risk of bricking the motherboard if you lose power in the middle of the update. Tried using the HP USB Disk Utility to create a bootable USB but I can't get it to run/don't know the correct command to use after I get in the directory with the ISO. f=30&t=103189 which in turn references this post by Middleton at NBR: ...After that it turned back on for a few seconds, no display, black screen and then turned off.

Told me what version I have and what it was updating to.

I've used it plugged in all the time without the battery put in. Barring that, you might be able to borrow one locally for the few minutes it takes to update the BIOS. Didn't think of using Google to search the forum, just tried using the search function at the top and didn't find much.

The battery died ages ago and won't accept a charge (shows up as 0%). My suggestion would be to source a used, but chargeable battery from here in the Marketplace, or from e Bay.

Everything seemed to be working well with the update until after it finished.

Now its constantly turning on and off with nothing on the screen. The update told me not to turn it off via the power button or unplug the AC adapter which I haven't. Yes it was the correct BIOS update which I downloaded from Lenovo's support website:

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This has been my experience with all previous Think Pad models so far (I also owned a T42, T60 and T420 before).

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